ANTALYA BUSINESS HOTEL, starting from the principle that we see as two inseparable parts of human and nature; We believe that our industry, which makes use of natural resources, should do its part in order to protect our environment and our integrity of life and to improve it day by day. We provide comprehensive training to all our employees in order to instill this goal, and we are taking firm steps towards becoming an enlightening facility.

As ANTALYA BUSINESS HOTEL, in order to support and develop the units in our settlement area, we try to supply the materials consumed and used in our facility from the suppliers located in the region and for the same purpose, we try to choose our colleagues from this region and aim to increase our quality.

We try to provide a comfortable environment in our facility to our valued guests and staff with special needs, and we care about you.

Together with all our stakeholders, we aim to offer our valued guests the highest quality holiday experience. We ensure to follow up all guest suggestions and complaints from all kinds of sources, resolve complaints in accordance with ethical codes of conduct, and turn complaints into opportunities for ourselves by informing our guests transparently about this issue.

As ANTALYA BUSINESS HOTEL, we are planning the necessary activities to present to you all the historical sites in our region and the unique beauties in the cultural heritage list.

We set improvement targets for our SYS Performance and review progress.

We are doing our part in protecting the environment and in our sustainability principle by complying with the laws in force to which we are subject.

We plan our activities to reduce and eliminate our risks by calculating all our risks on the way to sustainability,

Our hotel, which respects human rights and cares about employee health and safety, continues its activities for the protection of our cultural heritage.

By adopting the sustainability management system, we contribute to both the national economy and the hotel economy.

For the continuous improvement of our sustainability management system, we meticulously follow technological developments, environmental regulations, local activities and guest expectations, including raising personnel awareness.


  • To minimize the negative impact on the environment,

  • Increasing the Sustainability awareness of all our colleagues,

  • Reducing our electricity, water, natural gas and chemical consumptions every year,

  • Reducing waste while continuing our activities,

  • We aim to work with environmentally certified suppliers who provide the necessary working environment,

  • pay attention to working hours and wages, and work by complying with all legal regulations.