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Important Notes (Please read carefully) * In accordance with Article 12 of the Identity Presentation Law of 26/06/1973 No. 1774 of the Cabinet, the persons to accommodate at the establishment have to fill in and sign the Registration Card and submit it to the responsible operator. * Please keep your valuable belongings in the Safe Box provided free of charge. Our hotel shall not be responsible for loss of valuable belongings not kept in the Safe Boxes. * Time for check-in is 14:00 and for check-out is 12:00. For late check-outs not notified to the reception desk, the Hotel reserves the right to charge a “Late Check-out Fee" in amount of 1-day room charge. * The Hotel Management might decide early termination of accommodations of the guests, who do not comply with the rules of the establishment and the principles of the hotel, who cause disturbance to other guests and whose inappropriate behaviors are observed, either by meeting with the agency or the guest or by using security officers. In this case, the guest shall have to pay the full charge, even if the accommodation is terminated early. * In accordance with No-Show practice, if the guest terminates the accommodation period early at his/her own will, the Hotel reserves the right to collect the whole charge of the accommodation present in the booking record from the guest's credit card or not to return the payment, if it was paid in advance at check-in. I hereby certify that I will not claim any right to complaints which I have not mentioned during my stay and after leaving the hotel at the agency or court.
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